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flat chess boards wooden

When you are looking for exclusive collection of chess boards, chess pieces or combination sets, then you will not get better picks than the ones available at Chess Kart. While flat chess boards make an ideal option for young children and beginners at the game, folding chess boards are good for those who have less storage space in their homes and want to utilize it in a smart way. They also make feasible companions when you are travelling as you can fold and carry them around easily. Chess Kart is therefore, a great destination for smart chess lovers.

Get good variety in your budget range

Chess Kart is a place which has something for everyone, when you talk about the material and price range of the pieces and boards available here. Bone, wood, leather and lacquered, the variety available here is actually matchless and you can be sure to find something or the other to match your budget and taste. To have a look at the various makes and models available here and also to place an order for one of these, visit the website of Chess Kart today.

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Folding chess boards with men


Folding chess boards with men make an excellent buy for those who look for convenience and quality. It is easy to store and easier to carry around, which makes them great for travel entertainment. They are made of good quality material and this makes them extremely lasting, durable and good to look at. They are not only a great thing to own but an appealing gifting option too. You can buy chess boards in various materials and designs available at Chess Kart, which offers an extensive variety in chess boards and chess pieces. The designs are absolutely unique and awesome and every chess lover would love to own them as a part of their collection.

Beautiful Assortment of Chess Pieces

At Chess Kart, you can buy a beautiful assortment of chess pieces, which you won’t find at any other place. Wood, bone and rosewood are some varieties of materials available here. This Amritsar based trading company specializes in showcasing some of the most innovative chess sets and boards. They not only make a good way to sharpen your brain as well as entertain you, but also form a beautiful décor item for your home. If you want one of the sets or boards available here, visit the website and place an order for the items of your choice right now.

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bone chess boards


Chess is regarded as a classic game of with and intelligence, as it requires deep thinking and clever reasoning. At the same time, it is a great way to keep people of all ages occupied in a productive manner. When you buy a wood or bone chess boards for yourself, you are doing a great job for your entire family as you are buying them an asset for a life time. Chess Kart is regarded as a pioneering name amongst chess set and chess boards suppliers in India, and it supplies the chess items in India as well as other countries.

High Quality and Affordability

If you choose Chess Kart for buying chess boards, pieces and combination sets, you can be convinced about one thing that you will get the best quality at a very affordable price. It also presents a great variety in chess items, when it comes to the variety in material. Besides variety and quality, Chess Kart also boasts of unique designing, which makes the items here a cut above the rest. To learn more or place an order, visit the website today.

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Benefits of using magnetic chess boards while travelling

One of the best things to do while travelling is to play chess. Not only you will able to pass you time but will also be able to sharpen your mind with amazing chess playing techniques. But the only problem faced while playing chess during travel is that you have to keep the chess set in a stable condition. It is difficult to enjoy chess with glass boards or wooden boards while travelling.

The best solution in this case is to opt for Magnetic Chess Boards. Not only they are lighter but also look beautiful and you can enjoy your game even if there are bumps or obstacles on the road. We at Chess Kart have been selling durable chess boards for many years. You can contact us any time and place your order. We will make sure that the product ordered by you reaches at the defined destination on time.

Another best thing about magnetic chess boards is that you can even turn them upside down and the pieces will not fall. These boards come inside beautiful boxes and you can easily store the pieces inside the boxes. These are quite light weight and can be easily carried along while travelling. No matter if you are travelling in a car or airplane, you need to simply open the box and place the pieces on the board for playing your favorite game of chess.

Apart from playing a game of chess, you can also collect lovely designs that are offered. There are many leading collectors which prefer to collect beautifully crafted designs. Collecting elegant chess boards and pieces can turn out to be a great hobby and once you manage to collect a huge collection, you can put it up for a display. Obviously, you are going to get an immense appreciation for the same.

Not only magnetic but you can also buy non-magnetic chess boards and sets such as wooden and bone chess boards. It is very easy to maintain them like new as all you need to do is to wipe them with a clean cloth.

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